Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Setting a scope for the blog

The release of my first personal mobile game project marked the beginning of this new blog. But what other purpose does this blog serve? Given the topic of the first post, one obvious purpose is posting blog posts about releases of new game projects, but as making games is currently just a hobby that has to fight for the limited free time available, there isn't going to be a lot of those. So the blog needs some additional goals as well.

The primary idea of the blog is to write about the game projects that I work on or have worked on previously, but this is not restricted to just writing a blog post as a game is released. It is also about going more in depth on how a game functions and how to play the game, and hopefully eventually writing a bit about the related phenomena, if a game happens to get some amount of attention from the players or from the media.

A secondary purpose for the blog is making remarks about games in general, be it about specific single games (that I perhaps find particularly dense?), certain game genres, history of games, on-going trends or anything at all related to the industry. I don't currently have any such topics that I would definitely want to write about on my mind, so there might not be much activity on this front though. But we'll see about that.

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