Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cubendor Challenge - Win $200 !

Do you want to win $100 $200 (in U.S. Dollars)? It's simple: just be the first to beat me at my own game! It's not easy, but it's entirely possible. In fact, I'd expect someone to be able to even double my current record score!

My current record in Cubendor is 10 802 so you need to be the first to get a score of over 10 802. And no, I myself am not eligible, so you won't lose the right for the reward even if I happen to beat that score first. Other than that, all you need to do is share a video of your gameplay online eg. through Everyplay by using the game's Everyplay sharing feature, or by sharing it on YouTube. Also, in order to easily transfer the 100 $200 USD, you need to register for a Paypal account (unless you already have one), so I can send you the money. So a recap as a list of steps:

  1. Get the game from App store or Google Play.
  2. Beat my score of 10 802. 
  3. Be the first to share a video of that hiscore breaking game session online either by just simply pressing the video sharing button in the game to share it to Everyplay, or by using some other tool like QuickTime to record and share it on YouTube.
  4. Let me know that you beat my score eg. by posting a comment to this blog post or sending me email to, so we can work out the details on where I can send the reward.

Note: in order to avoid problems with sharing the gameplay through Everyplay, I recommend checking that there is something like 500 megs of free space available on your device for the recording, and also try to make the recording in one session (in other words not shifting to other applications in the middle of the recording or letting the device go to idle mode).

Finally, here's a fast motion video of my hiscore session for inspiration:

Good luck in beating my score! :)

Update 28.10.2016: Prize doubled to 200$!

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